Ingrid Vang Nyman on Millesgården

The Danish artist and children’s book illustrator Ingrid Vang Nyman (1916-1959) is mostly known for her Pippi Longstocking illustrations. Ingrid Vang Nyman’s pictures of Pippi Longstocking have become classics and have been enjoyed in many countries. Her illustrations are also considered to be the beginning of modernism in the field of children’s book illustrations in Sweden.

– Every author who has been fortunate enough to find a congenial illustrator for their books, would be eternally grateful to that artist, Astrid Lindgren once said.

But inspite of Vang Nyman’s world famous illustrations, she´s fairly unknown as an artist. In late January next year, Swedish art museum Millesgården presents an exhibition about Ingrid Vang Nyman as an artist and children’s book illustrator.  The exhibition addresses both children and adults, and features some 50 original illustrations, and a larger playground where both children and adults can play.

Ingrid Vang Nyman’s Pippi Longstocking is also present in our logo, between Björn Berg’s Emil in Lönneberga and Ilon Wikland’s Karlsson-on-the-roof.

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