Art + Natural science = True?

Göteborg Book Fair is coming up! We are really looking forward to this year’s event (opens on September 22nd!), where we´re going to present stand programs focusing on the pictorial worlds of Shaun Tan (stand no C03:02 if you are in the neighbourhood).

On Saturday September 24th: The illustrator, artist and member of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award jury, Lennart Eng, talks to the journalist and writer Maja Hagerman about the pictorial worlds of Shaun Tan. What does Shaun Tan’s storytelling add when it comes to understanding our history? Does his artistic design change or evolve our view of the past? What do pictures really mean for our interpretation of history?

On Sunday September 25th: Lennart Eng talks to Professor of Integrative Medicine, author and debater Martin Ingvar, about the pictorial worlds of Shaun Tan, but now in a different perspective. What happens when art and natural science meet? Can a cross-pollination create new knowledge? How does the natural science researcher look upon the work of the artist?

Link to ALMA program here. Link to Swedish Art Council’s program here.

See you at the Book Fair!

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