New reading guides

Today, three new reading guides (in Swedish) are launched on our website; 2010 award winner Kitty Crowther’s Är det dags? (Berghs, 2008, original title Alors?) and Rotbarnet (Berghs, 2011, original title L’enfant Racine), as well as Guldkompassen (Natur&Kultur, 2008, original title Northern Lights) by 2005 award winner Philip Pullman.

The reading guides are tutorials for anyone interested to learn more about the ALMA laureates and their works. They can be used in book clubs, by teachers for school work or simply as an inspiration for further reading. The reading guides are written to increase the knowledge of the award recipients among children, young people and promoters of reading but the aim is also to bring the literature to life.

The new reading guides are written by the literary educationalist, writer and former jury member Agneta Edwards:

– With the help of the reading guide, it’s possible to get beneath the surface of the story, and deepen your reading and interpretation of the book. My hope is that the reading guides will be used as tools for opening the reader’s eyes, thoughts and experiences to the book, particularly when teaching literature in schools, but also as an inspiration for any book reader.

Link to reading guides here.

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