Congratulations Stefan Casta!

Today, Stefan Casta was announced as winner of Barnens Romanpris (Swedish National Radio’s Children’s Book Award)! The jury citation:

Very scary and exciting. Maybe it´s about the future. Has everything a book should have. The complicated parts must be taken as a challenge. Even adults can read it.

The jury, three girls and three boys, at the age of 12, voted for the winning book Den gröna cirkeln (The green circle, our translation, Opal 2010), which were one out of five nominated books. All week, Swedish radio listeners have had the possibility to follow the jury discussions on Swedish National Radio P1. Here´s a few of the jury’s comments on Den gröna cirkeln:

It´s very creepy and exciting…

I sat crouched in a corner of our sofa when reading it, and didn´t let mum leave the room.

…I have started to look around the corners and, like, look behind my shoulder.

The award amount is 30 000 SEK (approx. 3 100 EUR).

Stefan Casta is an author and member of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award jury.

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