Scary book by Stefan Casta nominated for Book Award

Stefan Casta, author and member of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award jury, is nominated to Swedish national Radio’s book award for authors of children’s literature (“Barnens Romanpris”), with his book “Den Gröna Cirkeln” (“The Green Circle”, our transl., Opal 2010). The jury actually consists of children (three girls and three boys,) who will discuss and vote for the 2010 best children’s book for ages 9-12 years.

Stefan’s story is about the four youngsters Judith, David, Dinah and Gabriel, and their adventures when their town suddenly and increasingly is exposed to heavy downpours. One evening while sitting on the newly built wooden deck in school, it starts to rain and storm, and the entire terrace is torn. They don´t know how long they float around on a raft until they see land and get on solid ground. Now the hunt begins for food, shelter and survival…

– I wanted to write a really uncanny story, one of those which make your hairs rise on your arms, Stefan Casta says.

Stefan has earlier won a number of awards and distinctions, for example the Ilona Kohrtz Award for services to literature in 2006, presented by the Swedish Academy.

The other nominees are Sara Kadefors (with the book “Nyckelbarnen”), Bo R Holmberg (with “Alice varannan vecka”), Mårten Melin (with “Som trolleri”) and Magnus Ljunggren (with “VM-Sommar”).

Follow the jury’s discussions on Swedish national Radio P1, on August 9-12th at 11:03 CET. The winner is presented next Friday, August 12th.   

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