Success for The Red Tree and The Arrival

On May 18th, Shaun Tan’s second book in Swedish, Det Röda Trädet (The Red Tree), was published by Kabusa Agency. Last year Kabusa published Ankomsten (The Arrival), and both books have received considerable attention in the Swedish press. The award office had a chat with publisher Kerstin Aronsson to find out if the media attention also is reflected in the sales:

– It’s really great that The Arrival and The red tree now reach out to so many readers. The Red Tree got a flying start in terms of sales when it came out in May, and we´re already doing a reprint. Fourth edition of The Arrival is on its way to our warehouse from the printer, which is amazing. I don´t know how many people have told me how they have fallen in love with Shaun Tan’s images, and they don´t just buy the book for themselves, but also to friends as gifts.

So what´s the key to this success, do you think?

– People love to talk to friends about books which arouse strong feelings. After twenty years, I know that these are the books that come in new editions. We all rely on recommendations from other readers we know, and both The Arrival and The Red Tree are books you´d like to talk about. Then it is obvious that the huge attention of dozens of newspapers when Shaun Tan was visiting Sweden, in connection with the award ceremony, matter for the attention of his books.

When can we expect next book of Shaun Tan in Swedish?

Tales from Outer Suburbia will be published in the spring of 2012.

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