Shaun Tan comments on the award

We highly recommend visiting Shaun Tan’s website, where one can spend hours reading his own reflections on his books and art. In the news section he comments on the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award:

…”The award is not only a personal achievement, but I think reflects broader efforts of Australian authors, illustrators, publishers and supporting associations to promote innovative storytelling on an international stage. I’ve often that our books are some of the most daringly experimental, constantly testing tradition: it’s also worth noting that Melbourne-based author Sonja Hartnett also won this award in 2008.

Of course, it’s a incredible honour to be simply be considered for this award, let alone to win it. It does give me pause to reflect on my work as a whole within an international context. I remember first visiting Bologna Book Fair and feeling terribly insignificant and somewhat out of place as a young illustrator from Perth, wondering how my work fit into the vast scheme of this particular universe. It’s hugely gratifying to think that so many years of patient commitment and experiment, often following quite idiosyncratic obsessions, have been appreciated and recognized in this way. Many thanks are of course due to my publishers in Australia for all of their support, and those individuals and organizations that have been so active in bringing the work of Australian creators to an international stage.” …

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