24 hour theatre project

Precisely 24 hours after the announcement of the 2011 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, the theatre group at Junibacken will stage a performance based on the work of the winner(s).

Mikael Kallin, artistic director at Junibacken, will follow the announcement closely on www.alma.se and immediatly afterwards start to create a show based on the winner(s). In the short period of time of just 24 hours research will be made, the play will be written, costumes will be created and roles must be cast. At 1 pm on the 30th of March, the result will be presented to the audience.

“In addition to being a really fun project where Junibacken is put to the test by having write and rehearse a show as well as arrange set design and props in 24 hours, this is a way for us to present the recipient’s works for the children! We want to support this important prize – it’s amazing that the world’s second-largest literature prize is dedicated to children’s and youth literature” says Mikael Kallin, artistic director of Junibacken.

Everyone is welcome to Junibacken at 1pm to see the result. The award office will certainly be there!

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