L’enfant racine – soon in Swedish

In March Swedish picture book connoisseurs can finally enjoy Kitty Crowther’s L’enfant racine in their own language. Rotbarnet is published by Berghs Förlag in a translation by Gun-Britt Sundström.

L’enfant Racine is the dreamlike story about Leslie, a lonely woman living in the forest who tries to catch a fox which has taken three of her hens. She follows the traces of the fox deep in the forest where she meets a creature looking like a root crying on a stone. The Root Child in L´enfant racine (2003) is an enigmatic creature, perhaps the very root of life, who gives meaning and direction to the life of Leslie, the protagonist. It is noteworthy that, in this capacity, the Root Child is a complex character, both lovable and trying. In Kitty Crowther’s world there are no basic stereotypes.

Soon, the award office will publish a reader’s guide to the book on this page where we already have reader’s guides to books by Sonya Hartnett and Maurice Sendak.

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