Nyhus & Nyhus

Twin brothers Svein Nyhus and Egil Nyhus captivated the audience when they presented their work at Maktens Pluttifikasjon in Stavanger. Illustrating twins aren’t an exclusivity for Norway. In Sweden, Lisen Adbåge and Emma Adbåge (also present in Stavanger) booth have successful careers as picture book artists. But the interesting thing about the Nyhus brothers are that they work in very different fields of picture book illustration.

This became very apparent in their presentation. Svein Nyhus counts as one of the great innovators of Norwegian illustration. In fact, he is nominated to the 2011 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award together with writer Gro Dahle. Egil Nyhus, on the other hand, has chosen a more commercial path, illustrating the hugely successful Kaptein Sabeltann series. In other words, Egil Nyhus route has been much more lucrative. So far. In case Svein Nyhus actually receives the 5 million SEK Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award this will change overnight. But Egil Nyhus need not to worry. He showed a signed contract that guarantees him half the award total in case his brother wins!

In any case, we are sure to hear more from these highly talented and productive brothers.

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