A Maurice Sendak mural on the move

In 1961, Larry and Nina Chertoff’s childhood room on Manhattan was decorated with a mural, by no other than Maurice Sendak (2003 recipient of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award). Picturing a parade of children and animals, it is the first and only mural Maurice Sendak has painted. The mural predates his groundbreaking picture book Where the wild things are with a couple of years.  

Now, 50 years after it was painted, the mural has been removed from the Chertoff’s apartment and transported to the Rosenbach Museum and Library, which houses the Sendak Gallery. It is currently being restored and will soon be shown to the public.

Friends of the work of Maurice Sendak, will surely recognize the little white dog leading the parade. It is Maurice Sendak’s own dog, Jennie, who appears in the books Kenny’s Window (1956) and What do you say, dear (1958). Jennie also plays the role of Max’s dog in Where the wild things are. Also in the parade, you’ll find Rosie from The sign on Rosie’s Door (1960) and the bear from The Little Bear Series.

In February and March, visitors to the Rosenbach are able to follow the conservation process in progress and meet the specialists working on the mural.

You can listen to Maurice Sendak talking with Larry and Nina Chertoff about the mural on radio program All things considered (National Public Radio).

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