Philip Pullman says: Leave the libraries alone

Last Thursday, Philip Pullman (winner of the 2005 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award) spoke out passionately against the budget cuts facing public libraries in the UK. His entire inspiring speech can be read here!

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One Response to “Philip Pullman says: Leave the libraries alone”

  1. irene N. Watts Says:

    After the age of seven there were no toys in my life-it didn’t matter because there was the local library, where I could read about all those poor orphans- Mary in the secret Garden, and Oliver Wist and Sara in the Little Princess. Although my only experience of boats had been crossing the English channel at night, I devoured Swallows and Amazons. As I grew older I did my homework in the library- it was always warm there, unlike my foster homes. As a young mother with four children under five, I took them all on the bus and it was our treat of the week to go and look at the books, I could not afford to buy them. Oh, Mr. Pullman you have said it all. Perhaps we should all go and protest outside every library at risk of further cuts or closure. Save the libraries, at least they still have our books. though if they were to sell candles, bath salts and cookies as some book stores do, they might yet stay alive a little longer.

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