It’s important to be bored

Right now an illustration by this year’s Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award recipient Kitty Crowther, adorns hundreds of thousands of milk cartons in Sweden!

The dairy company ARLA, have made it their distinguishing-mark to use one side of their cartons for text and illustration not necessarily about dairy – instead they want to stimulate children’s creativity at the breakfast table.

The illustration featured on the cartons is from the book Le grand desordre, published by Seuil.

The text on the carton reads: “It is important to be bored once in a while, says this year’s winner of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. It’s when not so much is happening that ideas come to you, characters grow and stories evolve.“

On this page, children can read more about what Kitty Crowther says about the picture, as well as participate in a storytelling competition.

Emilienne, the girl sitting in the green armchair, has trouble organizing her things. I actually wrote this story to a friend of mine, who – just like me – doesn’t particularly enjoy cleaning up.

When working on the book I was thinking about how we judge each other by how messy we are. The small black creatures come from the messy world. I quite like them.

I enjoy the thought that we can see more than we might first think. Sit quietly and still. Once you’re completely bored, the small black creatures will appear…

Children inspired by the picture and text on the carton are encouraged to send in their own illustrations and stories to ARLA. The best entries win books from Rabén & Sjögren. Among them are two books by Kitty Crowther, all including an unique illustration, signed by the artist herself!

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