Astrid Lindgren’s birthday!

Today is Astrid Lindgren‘s (1907-2002) birthday!

Born in Vimmerby in the south of Sweden, she grew up to become Sweden’s most internationally known and loved author. The 14th of November is not only Astrid Lindgren’s (standing in the middle of the photo) birthday, it  is also – probably not by coincidence – the nameday of her character Emil.

Emil, brilliantly captured by illustrator Björn Berg, was modeled on stories from her father Samuel August’s (to the left in the photo) childhood, as well as on the adventures of her older brother Gunnar (standing to the right of Astrid). Emil is the character Astrid Lindgren felt the most affinity for. Below they are seen together on a German stamp, published in 2007. Of course, Emil is also found in the logo of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

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One Response to “Astrid Lindgren’s birthday!”

  1. Nuno Marçal Says:

    Congratulations Astrid Lindgren!

    Wherever you are the person and work remain in our memories of childhood.

    mobile greetings librarians from Portugal

    Nuno Marçal

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