Bravo Kitty!

The conference room, recently named Salle Kitty Crowther, at the Salon du Livre de Jeunesse in Namur, Belgium, was filled to the last seat when it was time to celebrate Kitty Crowther receiving this year’s Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. The room was decorated with images from Le petit homme et Dieu, such as this one where God transformed himself into a gorilla:

Without telling Kitty Crowther, Odile Josselin and Margharita Emo at publisher Pastel, had asked friends, colleagues, critics, foreign publishers and book lovers in advance if they would like to send questions to be asked during the presentation.  And soon thereafter the questions started to arrive, in all different shapes and forms. Kitty Crowther was certainly surprised and touched by many of the entries.

The journalist Maggy Rayet presented the questions to Kitty Crowther, giving Kitty the option to answer or not! To the joy of the audience, most questions were answered – albeit some in a cryptic way …

Here are just some examples of participants:

Bart Moeyeart, nominated to ALMA 2011, contributed with a profound poem, formulated as a question. The illustrator Benoit Jacques wrote an illustrated letter asking about the presence of  water in the books of Kitty Crowther. Jeanne Ashbé created a remake of her famous book Ou est Mouf? and called it Ou est Mine?, with reference to Kitty Crowther’s books about Poka and Mine.

The illustrator Gerda Dendooven asked if Kitty Crowther could picture them as old half-crazy women, enjoying life. Said and done, Kitty Crowther drew quickly on the white board:

Kitty Crowther to the right and Gerda Dendooven to the left:

Nothing like a regular presentation, the event was personal and diverse, with questions ranging from the personal to the professional!

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