A day in the life of an ALMA-winner

Kitty Crowther started her second day at the Gothenburg Book Fair with a workshop at Queen Silvia’s hospital for children.

Together with Kitty Crowther, the children made very special self-portraits. First, the children made portraits using chinese ink. This image was swiftly copied to overhead film. Next, the children each made a second drawing, using colored pencils, onto which the self-portraits were superimposed. Sounds confusing? Not to the children. Here is one of the results!

Back at the fair, Kitty had a quick chat with Johanna Lindbäck on the stage at the stand of Rabén & Sjögren. The talk, which was about the familiar little insects Poka & Mine was followed by a signing.

After the live wall-painting, Kitty Crowher met with Swedish Television’s Babel. In  this interview, she describes her work as being a film director who doesn’t know how the movie will end. She also talks about the responsibility she feels towards the characters she creates and about the just completed wall-painting.

Finally, at the end of the day, Kitty Crowther was invited to the stand of the Swedish society for nature preservation (Naturskyddsföreningen), where she was interviewed about her connection to nature. Kitty revealed that she has a dream project of making a personal encyclopedia of plants and animals and their relationships to stories. That’s something to look forward to!

The day ended with the city of Gothenburg’s reception at Börsen, followed by the party organized by VI

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