Congratulations David Almond and Jutta Bauer!

Saturday night the HC Andersen Awards were presented to the author David Almond and illustrator Jutta Bauer at the 32nd IBBY Congress in Santiago de Compostela. Congratulations!

The Hans Christian Andersen Medal:

Both are internationally respected artists and have frequently been nominated to the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

David Almond held an inspiring acceptance speech, which hopefully will be published on IBBY’s webpage in due course. Do look for it! The English author of several excellent books for teenagers, such as Skellig and Jackdaw summer, spoke optimistically of the future of children’s literature and described the children’s book world as the “hotbed of literary experimentation”.

Jutta Bauer from Hamburg, Germany, made a personal illustrated presentation of how the parts became the whole, giving tribute to fellow illustrators, mentors, colleagues, family and editors. As a major source of inspiration she mentioned Tove Jansson. She especially thanked authors who trusted her to illustrate their books. One of them is of course the 2003 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award winner Christine Nöstlinger for whom Jutta Bauer illustrated several books such as Der Hund kommt and Wir pfeifen auf den Gurkenkönig. Jutta Bauer’s own picture books, such as Selma, Queen of colors and Opas Engel, just to mention a few, are available in many languages and all of them are just as enjoyable for adults as for children!

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One Response to “Congratulations David Almond and Jutta Bauer!”

  1. Sadie Cramer Says:

    David Almond and Jutta Bauer – such worthy winners!!

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