Exclusive preview of new book by Kitty Crowther

The Award Office has seldom been so excited as when a proof copy of Kitty Crowther‘s forthcoming book Le petit Homme et Dieu arrived in the mail!

Here is the cover:

There are days that change you forever. They day when the little man meets God turns out to be such a day. But God is not like the little man expected him to be. He’s not the god, but a god. One of many. The little man invites him over for an omelette.

Le petit homme et Dieu (The little man and God) is published by Pastel and will come out in October. Kitty Crowther has experimented with color, especially with a special fluorescent orange color, which will be much even more striking in the finished print.

Below is a magical illustration from the book. The little man and God, resting by a pond, at sunset.

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  1. Bokmässan göteborg 2010 « Maktens pluttifikasjon Says:

    […] hennes helt nye bok “Le petit Homme et Dieu” – Lille mann og Gud er beskrevet på Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award […]

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