ALMA_2010-06-01_Prisutdelning_140 by tellfoto.

Last night Kitty Crowther received the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, from the hands of H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden, in a spectacular ceremony at the Stockholm Concert Hall.

ALMA_2010-06-01_Prisutdelning_209 by tellfoto.

Music from artists such as Titiyo and Marti Bergman, a flamboyant interpretation of Jaques Brel’s Jackie and thoughtful comments by the Minister for Culture were some of the ingredients. With Kitty Crowther’s own images on three big screens, appearances by her editor’s from Pastel and nominating body Illustratoren Organisation, and finally a moving acceptance speech by the winner the evening was designed to spotlight Kitty Crowther, her work, and the importance of quality children’s literature.

The thousand specially invited guests were greeted with music by the students of the Adolf Fredrik School of Music, and the festivities wrapped up with champagne and Belgian choclates generously donated by the Belgian Embassy. Each guest also got to take home a copy of Kitty Crowther’s Alors?: a book which poet Daniel Boyacioglu had interpreted earlier in the evening.

The pictures below (all photos by Stefan Tell) give a little bit of an impression of the evening: also, the Award Office hope to publish Kitty Crowther’s acceptance speech sometime in the next few days.

ALMA_2010-06-01_Prisutdelning_006 by tellfoto.

Crowds arriving at the Stockholm Concert Hall.

ALMA_2010-06-01_Prisutdelning_041 by tellfoto.

Titiyo singing Longing for Lullabies with the final picture from good-night story Alors? in background.

ALMA_2010-06-01_Prisutdelning_080 by tellfoto.

Marit Bergman backed by students from the Adolf Fredrik Music School, singing Astrid Lindgren’s classic lullabye about a hungry woolf.

ALMA_2010-06-01_Prisutdelning_092 by tellfoto.

Larry Lempert of the Jury, Judith Drews of IO, Mme Josselin and Mme Germain from Pastel, Kitty Crowther’s publisher, interviewed on stage.

ALMA_2010-06-01_Prisutdelning_150 by tellfoto.

Lindy Larsson does Brel – in a new way. The song is Jackie.

ALMA_2010-06-01_Prisutdelning_176 by tellfoto.

Minister for Culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth adressing Kitty Crowther.

ALMA_2010-06-01_Prisutdelning_198 by tellfoto.

The presentation of the Award – symbolised by an original artwork by Swedish illustrator Eva Lindström and calligrapher Marianne Pettersson-Soold. (The five million SEK award sum not featured in picture.)

ALMA_2010-06-01_Prisutdelning_295 by tellfoto.

Award Recipient Kitty Crowther and Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden.

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