At the Root

Going back to the roots of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award requires some travel: to Småland, in the South of Sweden, and Astrid Lindgren’s birthplace. The small red cottage, the flowering lilacs, cherry- and apple trees, and the quaint old kitchen remain more or less unchanged since the childhood days of Astrid Lindgren. For those who have read her books carefully – it means lots of clues to later stories can be found in this rural, quiet atmosphere.

Kitty Crowther visisted of course: and also gave a lecture at Astrid Lindgren’s old school. The auditorium was empty of children: today, their places had been taken by experts on children’s literature who’d convened from all over for the traditional Astrid Lindgren conference. This year’s theme ? Blood and murder… Kitty Crowther wowed the audience by illustrations in which the deed was done in ever more creative ways. Anyone feel like using their former wife for a kitchen table?

ALMA_2010-05-28_Vimmerby_002 by tellfoto.

ALMA_2010-05-28_Vimmerby_146 by tellfoto.

ALMA_2010-05-28_Vimmerby_215 by tellfoto.

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