Award Week Schedule

For all of those lucky enough to be in Sweden between May 23 and June 1: be sure to catch some of the events of Kityt Crowther’s award week. Seminars, workshops and meetings are scheduled for an intensive week that will aim to give audiences a closer look at Kitty Crowther’s work and world of images.

Some of the highlights are:

Award lecture on May 25: Kitty Crowther meets Ulla Rhedin (illustrations expert) and Johanna Lindbäck (one of Sweden’s foremost literature bloggers) to talk about her work. The meeting takes place at the house of culture in stockholm, entrance is free, and the bar opens 30 minutes before the start of the program!

Litteralund presentation on May 27; Litteralund is Sweden’s number one festival for children’s literature. Though their full-lenght programme is in October, they welcome Kitty Crowther. Topic: how far can you go in children’s books? How to handle death, despair and destruction on titles for the very young? Kitty Crowther gives her view and exemplifies with her own work.

For full programme – visit More updates to follow in days to come!

One Response to “Award Week Schedule”

  1. kitty crowther Says:

    i love this kityt …

    sounds inuit!


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