Trip to Gaza

After weeks of e-mailing, faxing, phoning and interventions, the Award Office finally received permission to enter Gaza. With no time to waste and armed with formal recommendation letters, we headed directly to the Erez Crossing. The purpose of the visit was of course to meet the Gaza Office of the Tamer Institute of Community Education. 
As we arrived, we were met by the creative members of the Yara’at and Voices teams, two programs initiated by the Tamer Institute. Yara’at is a newspaper which is created, edited and produced by young people on the West Bank and Gaza. As the Palestinians living on the West Bank don’t have the right to visit the Gaza strip, programs such as Yara’at have become important means of sharing experiences with each other, in spite of the isolation.
Voices is a newsletter written in English, a way to make the young voices of Palestine heard in the world. More information on these programs can be found at 
Another program supported by Tamer is Young Writers. As we joined their work shop, they were reading aloud from their manuscripts written for the stage. The response was instant, as part of the audience consisted of the Book discussion club, used to give sharp feedback on literary texts. One interesting play highlighted the increasing problem of medicine addiction among young girls on the Gaza strip.  
The Award Office also had the opportunity to meet with several established writers, artists and researchers – representatives of the vibrant cultural activities in the area! 

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