What Happens In Vimmerby…

What happens in Vimmerby, doesn’t stay in Vimmerby, as it turns out. On March 24 the 2010 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award was announced from Astrid Lindgren’s childhood town Vimmerby, in Småland. But it could also be followed online – our internet statistics tell us that viewers from 67 countires world wide watched the announcement on www.alma.se.

But the online audience didn’t get to see everything – until now. Here’s a look at the day from Vimmerby.  All photos by Stefan Tell.  

Let’s begin inside Astrid Lindgren’s kitchen—the inspirational startingpoint for many stories:

It’s been kept without alterations, and still looks just like when Astrid Lindgren was a little girl

ALMA_2010_Kitchen_015 by tellfoto.

Including the hats and walking stick of her father and mother:

ALMA_2010_Kitchen_027 by tellfoto.

In the modern building next door, people gathered for the actual announcement broadcast:

ALMA_2010_Vimmerby_002 by tellfoto.

The jury – with their secrets:
ALMA_2010_Vimmerby_004 by tellfoto.

Kerstin Brunnberg, chairman of the Swedish Arts Council, greeted the audience

ALMA_2010_Vimmerby_011 by tellfoto.

And then the announcement was broadcasted live in Swedish Radio:

ALMA_2010_Vimmerby_026 by tellfoto.


Ulla Rhedin of the jury presents the work of Kitty Crowther

ALMA_2010_Vimmerby_038 by tellfoto.

And then, finally – after a year of deliberation and consideration of the 167 candidates from 61 countries: we get to toast the winner (accompanied by the tunes of a children’s choire)

ALMA_2010_Vimmerby_073 by tellfoto.

ALMA_2010_Vimmerby_059 by tellfoto.

ALMA_2010_Vimmerby_087 by tellfoto.

ALMA_2010_Vimmerby_088 by tellfoto.

ALMA_2010_Vimmerby_093 by tellfoto.

ALMA_2010_Vimmerby_054 by tellfoto.

ALMA_2010_Vimmerby_085 by tellfoto.

ALMA_2010_Vimmerby_075 by tellfoto.

IBBY representative Sven Hallonsten and ALMA representative Larry Lempert…discussing, perhaps, HC Andersen medalists David Almond and Jutta Bauer and ALMA recipient Kitty Crowther.

ALMA_2010_Vimmerby_083 by tellfoto.

Photos from the crowd that greeted the winner at the Bologna Fiere will be posted shortly…

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