Picture Book at Watercolour Museum

The Swedish West Coast is one of the rainiest parts of Sweden, but when the sun shines it is stunningly beautiful and all previous days of bad weather are forgiven. This past Friday the sun shone on some of the most exciting picture book creators in Scandinavia at the Nordic Watercolour Museum (www.akvarellmuseet.se) held a one-day seminar called New routes of the Picture Book.  

The Nordic Watercolour Museum serves as a Nordic center for contemporary watercolour art. In addition, the museum is also dedicated to presenting international contemporary illustration and comics. It is difficult to imagine a more beautiful place to do just this, as the museum is right on the waterfront of the island of Tjörn, about one hour north of Gothenburg. 

Participating in the seminar were, among others, Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award nominees Dorte Karrebaek (Denmark) and Gro Dahle (Norway), pictured below.
The illustrator Dorte Karrebaek presented her latest picture book Idiot! written by author Oscar K. This creative couple have published a number of challenging and experimental picture books dealing with difficult subjects. Together they spoke about the thematic boundaries of the picture book. Oscar K. argues that there are no such boundaries as long as the picture book artist is good enough to handle the theme in question. The more challenging the theme, the more artistic ability is necessary. Perhaps to prove this point, Dorte Karrebaek revealed that their next joint picture book will be about the Holocaust. 
The Norweigan author Gro Dahle is also not one to shy away from difficult subjects in her picture books. She presented Sinna Mann, a book about domestic violence illustrated by Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award nominee Svein Nyhus. Gro Dahle read the book aloud and talked about the many varied reactions the book has received. Some readers think it isn’t appropriate for children to read about domestic violence, other argue that the book can be used in bibliotherapy, as part of a healing process. 
Also presenting during the seminar were three students from Konstfack in Stockholm. Among them, Karin Cyrén made a big impression on the audience when she presented her project Marathon. A wordless, yet to be published, book consisting of 16 spreads telling the drama of a marathon race. We want to see more of Karin’s work and are eagerly anticipating the debut!   

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