Pippi Goes To Italy

Bologna Children’s Book Fair is getting closer and inspired by this the Award Office wants to draw your attention to two new Italian books about Astrid Lindgren. The books came to our attention when reading the latest edition of newsletter published by the Swedish Astrid Lindgren Society. In it, Enrica Hallvarsson, librarian at the National Library of Sweden, recommends two recent Italian publications interesting for an Italian-speaking audience.

The first books is Pippi Calzalunghe piccola grande cuoca: comfort food in salsa svedese by Elisabetta Tiveron. The title, which roughly translates into Pippi Longstocking, a small grand chef: comfort food in Swedish sauce, presents the wide variety of food in Astrid Lindgrens work. Everything from Pippi Longstocking’s ginger snaps (with the dough rolled directly on the floor, of course) to the sturdy home cooking of Emil’s family is included. 

The second book is Rileggendo Astrid Lindgren: percorsi critici e itinerari interpretativi, edited by Silvia Blezza Picherle, professor in children’s literature in Pisa. The book is the result of the congress A Vimmerby e titorno held at the University in Verona in March 2007 and deals with three major perspectives on the work of Astrid Lindgren: The recurring themes and motifs in the work of Astrid Lindgren, character analysis and finally the reception of Astrid Lindgren’s books in Italy and Germany.

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