From Vimmerby to the World

On March 24 the 2010 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award will be announced from Astrid Lindgrens birthtown, Vimmerby, in Sweden. The announcement will be broadcasted live to the Illustrators Café at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and also, online at

The live broadcast is an attempt to make the announcement easily accessible to all of the friends and nominating bodies of the award – no matter where they are in the world. BUT, if you are in a time-zone where watching the announcement live at 13.00 CET means waking up at dawn, or staying up till the middle of the night, you can also watch the announcement on-demand later. You’ll find a handy guide to time-zones and time-differences online here. 

For those of you who have never been to Vimmerby: the birthplace of Astrid Lindgren is a quaint place full of little red cottages, wild flowers and chirping birds. It is sometimes hard to imagine that an author who was born in this tiny place is now translated into more than 80 languages and lives on all over the world…

The pictures below show Vimmerby in May 2009, when Award Winners the Tamer Institute paid a visit.


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