A Guide to South African Children’s Lit

Sweden’s major book fair is the Gothenburg Book Fair and in 2010 its theme will be African literature. The fair is always well attended both by teachers and by librarians from public and school libraries, which makes it an exellent opportunity to introduce interesting African children’s literature to the very people who set the reading curriculum for Swedish children. THE PROGRAMME FOR THE FAIR IS NOT SET YET but the hope, of course, is that it will be a step on the way to giving more children access to literature from the many different traditions of Africa.

For those of you who cannot wait for the 23-26 of September (dates of the fair) or who cannot travel to Gothenburg, there is a good online resourse  for info on (South) African children’s literature at the site  Book Chat: “devoted to “News and Reviews of South African children’s books”  [it] incorporates a database of all South African children’s books in print (SACBIP).”

Two other resources on literature from Africa are the Kwani Trust and Chimurenga Online. If you have tips on other databases and online resourses concerning children’s literature – don’t hesitate to contact the award office or let us know in a comment. We are happy to link to all interesting material!

Below: Swedish illustrator Stina Wirsén interpreted last year’s Gothenburg fair for the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter (click on image for larger size):


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