Trilogies That Were Worth the Wait

Imogen Russel Williams discusses trilogies in children’s literature on the Guardian’s Books Blog: the pros and cons – using His Dark Materials by ALMA recipient Philip Pullman as a shining example of a pro, of course.

Inkheart, His Dark Materials, Peter Dickinson’s Changes, and Jonathan Stroud’s Bartimaeus are all superb, and all the better for coming in three volumes. And rather than starting a series which spools away into infinity, it’s often good to know that you’ll be left wanting more at the end of a third book, not being gradually disillusioned by an increasingly shopworn formula.”

However: for those of us who’d rather read more about the Dark Materials world than “be left wanting more” she lights a beacon of hope: “Pullman has been working indefatigably on a full-length novel set in the His Dark Materials universe, The Book of Dust, for several years.”

If you’re anxious for more Pullman updates, check out his webpage for his latest news, and for his own illustrations to the trilogy (see example below.)


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