The Nominations Process Begins Again

Deciding on a winner for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award is a long process, it takes the jury the better part of a year to consider the nominees and discuss back and forth. That is why, even though the 2010 award recipient hasn’t been announced yet, it is already time to start the process of nominating candidates for next year’s award!

This week the Award Office puts the invitations to nominate for the 2011 award in the mail. The jury has approved a list of more than 300 experts and organisations world wide who will now be able to make their recomendations for next year’s award.

Each nominating body is allowed to nominate four candidates, two from their own country, and two others. For the 2011 award, as always before: authors, illustrators, oral storytellers and promoters of reading are eligible. The award is given in recognition of an entire ouevre, and may not be given post-humously.

A complete list of nominating bodies is available at the award website.

Some important dates for nominating bodies:

February 1: The online nomination SHOULD be up and running, our technicians are working on it as we speak
March 24: The winner or winners of the 2010 award will be announced
May 15: nominations deadline


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