Rebel With a Cause

Astrid Lindgren might be most famous for having written the beloved stories of the very rebellious Pippi Longstocking. When the first Pippi book was published in Sweden it caused quite the uproar: all sorts of taboos were broken when Astrid Lindgren encouraged children to be wild and wilful… But Astrid Lindgren did not only write about rebels: she was one herself, in a way. Through her fiction, and using the position given to her as a revered author, she pushed the limits of children’s rights in Sweden.  

That is why the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award is always on the look-out for new, brave voices defending the rights of children. Take a look at the list of nominees for the 2010 award: it is full of authors, illustrators, oral storytellers and organisations who write, paint and work to give children better books and a better world. On March 24 the jury will decide which of these very worthy candidates will be this years winner! Keep a look-out here and on our website for the news…

Meanwhile: looking around the web, and while travelling, we are always finding great new pictures of Pippi Longstocking – it seems the young rebel lives forever. Enjoy!


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